BackPage: The Ultimate Experience In Grueling Satire

Please to find here, our humble movie trailer:

Here is an extended cut of a scene from BackPage, Marla’s introduction and interview, played by Kelley Beaman:

This montage is one of the DVD’s special features, outtakes of the cast and crew’s Dueling Orgasms:

Every feel-good film needs an asinine music video over the closing credits.

This is our cover of The Anti-Nowhere League’s 1981 classic ‘So What’.

This karaoke stunt was an acting warm-up exercise that Ethan Norris would conduct before shooting each scene.

This is the original rough cut of the audio track.

Also, if you’ve seen the film, you’ll know there’s a missing shot from this edit.

An easter egg, if you will.

Warning, these lyrics contain profanity, vulgarity, and rank obscenity: