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BackPage Trailer from Hugh Massey on Vimeo.

BackPage Trailer 2 from Hugh Massey on Vimeo.

For the last two weeks, the majority of this site’s traffic has been generated from Google searches of this image:

Sex Scene BackPage Escort , Ethan Norris and Kelley Beaman

Sex Scene BackPage Escort

Google image searches for movie sex scenes lead to that image from this blog post:

The boost in traffic is nice, but hasn’t translated to correlative sales (or trailer viewership.)

For those of you who want to see the movie, BackPage can be found for sale at on either video on-demand digital download or live stream:

That’s right, own it on your PC, MAC, phone, iPad, or DVR for only $2. FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS!

Or you can own your very own DVD copy:

The DVD version comes with bonus features: 15 deleted/extended scenes, gag/outtake reels like these:

BackPage Deleted Scene: Marla from Hugh Massey on Vimeo.

So these are your orders: buy the film, review it, get into a savage and epic flame war with me, receive free t-shirt. That’s right, every troll who I pick a fight with will receive a free t-shirt.

Karl Rove Rat Fucker

Karl Rove Rat Fucker

Karl Rove Rart Fucker

Karl Rove Rart Fucker

So, please view the film at for $2:

That’s TWO DOLLARS! You can watch it streaming, or download it to your computer or phone. For TWO DOLLARS.

sex stunt

sex stunt

sex controversy

sex controversy

rmassey @ September 11, 2010

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