Blackmailing Craigslist BackPage Escorts Hookers Prositutes

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BackPage Trailer from Hugh Massey on Vimeo.

BackPage Trailer 2 from Hugh Massey on Vimeo.

Blackmailing Craigslist BackPage Hookers Prostitutes and Escorts

I’m surprised I never came across this when I was doing research twelve years ago in grad school. Or when I did pre-production for the film three years ago. Oh, who the hell do I think I’m kidding? I never did any research. Other than scan the back pages of the Fort Worth Weekly…

So, while recently Googling BackPage related search terms, I came across several discussion boards dealing with escorts. On of the posts complained about escorts that you might regularly meet on Craigslist who would blackmail you after the tryst.

What a twist!

That’s why you want to go with a professional, maybe an agency.

If a solo freelancer finds out anything about you, they’ll take you for everything. That’s why Grand Theft Auto was so popular. I get it now. I’d murder a blackmailin’ ho.

The nice guys would be the best marks. Lonely saps neglected by their wives, just looking for some companionship. You could milk them for a long time. They’d have families, careers, and community standings to protect. And they wouldn’t retaliate or defend themselves. Too nice.

I’m glad I didn’t find that. If I had, I might have thought that having the character of Marla do that (Blackmail Bill) would be a good idea. It’s not.

Bill’s descent into pathetic tragedy is due to his own machinations, not other people’s.

Now, if one of the other escorts tried that… Not to Bill, though. If they tried that on Josh and Dylan and then something funny happened as a result. That’s good.

Now I’ll blackmail you. I’ll tell your wife you were trolling for porn (that’s how you stumbled upon this site) If you don’t purchase a copy of the film.

BackPage can be found for sale at on either video on-demand digital download or live stream:

That’s right, own it on your PC, MAC, phone, iPad, or DVR for only $2. FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS!

Or you can own your very own DVD copy:

The DVD version comes with bonus features: 15 deleted/extended scenes, gag/outtake reels like these:

BackPage Deleted Scene: Marla from Hugh Massey on Vimeo.

So these are your orders: buy the film, review it, get into a savage and epic flame war with me, receive free poster and t-shirt. That’s right, every troll who I pick a fight with will receive a free poster and t-shirt. Your wife will thank you.

rmassey @ November 24, 2010

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